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Album name Release Date  Song    
Is It Real 2020-01
1.Is It Real (Provided)
2.I Can Hardly Speak
3.Racing Stripes
4.Everything Else Has Gone Wrong
5.Eat, Sleep, Wake(Nothing But You)
I Can Hardly Speak 2020-01
1.I Can Hardly Speak
2.Racing Stripes
3.Everything Else Has Gone Wrong
4.Eat, Sleep, Wake(Nothing But You)
Everything Else Has Gone Wrong 2020-01
1.Get Up (Provided)
2.Is It Real (Provided)
3.Everything Else Has Gone Wrong
4.I Can Hardly Speak
5.Good Day
6.Eat, Sleep, Wake(Nothing But You)
7.I Worry Bout You
8.People People
9.Do You Feel Loved ? (Provided)
10.Let You Go
11.Racing Stripes
Racing Stripes 2019-12
1.Racing Stripes
2.Everything Else Has Gone Wrong
3.Eat, Sleep, Wake(Nothing But You)
So Long, See You Tomorrow 2014-02
2.It's Alright Now
3.Carry Me
4.Home By Now
5.Whenever, Wherever
7.Eyes Off You
9.Come To
10.So Long, See You Tomorrow
It's Alright Now(Other BP's) 2014-01
1.It's Alright Now
LunaInt'l Version 2014-01
Shuffle (Single) 2011
1.Shuffle (Single)
A Different Kind Of Fix 2011
1.Leave It
3.Favourite Day
5.How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep
6.Bad Timing
7.Your Eyes
8.Lights Out, Words Gone
9.Take The Right One
10.What You Want
Flaws 2010-07
1.Rinse Me Down
2.Many Ways
3.Dust On The Ground
4.Ivy & Gold
5.Leaving Blues
6.Fairytale Lullaby
7.Word By Word
9.My God
I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose 2009
1.Emergency Contraception Blues (Provided)
4.Dust On The Ground
6.Always Like This
8.Cancel On Me
10.The Hill
11.What If
12.The Giantess
How We Are 2007
1.How Are You
iTunes Festival: London 2010
1.My God (Live)
2.Ivy & Gold (Live)
3.Cancel On Me (Live)
4.Autumn (Live)
5.Always Like This (Live)
6.My God
7.Always Like This
Live Session EP
1.Ivy & Gold - Live Session
2.Evening/Morning - Live Session
3.Jewel - Live Session
Leave It
1.Leave It (Acoustic)
2.Lights Out, Words Gone (Rub A Dub)
3.Shuffle (Acoustic Version)
Dust On The Ground - EP
1.Curl Up Like A Dead Leaf And Go Where The Wind Blows
Carry Me (Single)
1.Carry Me (Single)
1.Carry Me (Radio Edit)
2.Beg (Tom Moulton Mix)
3.What You Want (The Darcys remix)
4.Always Like This (Pariah remix)
5.How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep (Scuba Mix)
6.Shuffle (Acoustic)
7.Motel Blues
8.Glass To Glass
9.Dust On the Ground (Banjo Or Freakout Remix)
10.F For You (Live)
11.Always Like This (Radio Edit)
12.Feel (UNKLE Reconstruction)
14.Maybe More
15.You Already Know (feat. Kathryn Williams)
16.You Already Know
17.How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep (Bonus Track)

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